Trips and Courses

Lucan Kayak Club (LKC) aims to run regular river trips generally on  Sundays. The Boyne and Liffey are main rivers while the Avonmore , Inny and the Barrow are other options.

A programme of trips and sessions is drawn up on a three-monthly basis. 

Safety is the primary concern on river trips, so we have developed the following guidelines for all club trips. Members should familiarise themselves with these guidelines in advance of going on any trips. The guidelines are maintained by the Safety Officer.

Trip Coordinator  –   Role and responsibility

Guidelines for organising a river trip –

1) The trip Coordinator must be present on the river trip.

2) It is the coodinator’s responsibility to find a replacement if she/he can’t be present.

3) Club trips should generally take place on a Saturday or Sunday

4) The coordinator will notify all members of the upcoming trip by no later than 5pm on the Friday before.

5) It is the coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that safety equipment adequate for the conditions is present on the trip. At a minimum, a pair of split paddles and at least one first-aid kit, but ideally two, should be carried by the group. Every club member should also carry a throwrope, knife and preferably a phone. In more extreme conditions, attention should be given to Canoeing Ireland’s Level 4 Kayak Skills List of Equipment (see

6) When confirming a river trip, the coordinator should remind participants of their responsibility to carry aforementioned basic safety equipment and should identify who will bring split paddles and first-aid kits.

7) Trip coordinator and trip leader are different roles but can be the same person. The trip leader (or leaders, in the event of there being a large group that needs to be split) will be chosen before taking to the water

8) The coordinator should try to ensure that some skills-training is incorporated into the trip

9) In the event of a trip being cancelled, the coordinator should send notification by email to the club and by text message to each confirmed participant. In order to allow for latecomers, if a trip is being cancelled due to low numbers, it should be cancelled no earlier than 6pm on the Saturday but no later than 9pm.